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(to a laboratory-equipment supplier)


Dear Dr. Jones:


It would be greatly appreciated if you could help us out in an important matter. We need some items shipped to us as soon as possible. Would you please send us the following items:


            1. 1 dozen petri dishes.

            2. 1 gross of pyrex test tubes.

            3. 3 Bunsen burners.


You may bill us and we will promptly pay in the form of a credit. Thank you very much for your time.





Todd Tyrna



(to the admissions department of a law school)


Dear Ms. Clark:


I am a senior considering going to law school. I was interested in your school and would like more information. Would you be able to answer a few questions that I had regarding this matter?


1.      How well do your graduates do?

2.      Is the LSAT required?

3.      Do you have any electives, or are all the courses required?

4.      Are computers skills required for admission?


Your assistance in answering these questions is greatly appreciated.


Yours very truly,



Todd Tyrna



(from a supplier of home alarm systems)


Dear Smith Family:


     "A rose is a rose is a rose," once said a famous poet. But not all home protection alarms are alike.  In a time when burglaries are skyrocketing, can you afford the second-best alarm system?


     Your home is your most valuable possession. It is worth far more than your car. And if you have not checked your house insurance policy recently, you will probably be shocked to see how inadequate your coverage really is.


     The best kind of insurance you can buy is the Watchdog Alarm System. What makes the Watchdog unique is that it can detect intruders before they enter your home and scare them away. Scaring them away while they are still outside is certainly better than scaring them once they are inside, where your loved ones are sleeping.


     At less than $200, you can purchase comfort and have a real peace of mind that wasn't there before. A price cannot be put on your family's safety, and we are dedicated to making our products as affordable as we can.


     If you are interested in our product, you can mail in the enclosed postage=paid card, and we’ll send you a 12-page, fact-filled brochure that tells you why the Watchdog is the best on the market, and how it can be used effectively to keep you and your family the safest you've ever been. Thank you for your time.


Very truly yours,



Todd Tyrna