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6201 Fox Glen Drive

Saginaw, MI 48603


                                                October 14, 2002


John Saville

White’s Electrical Supply House

13 Avondale Circle

Los Angeles, CA 90014


Dear Mr. Saville:


Would you please order the following items by UPS Next-Day Air? They can be paid for using your standard payment method.



Model Number Description                               Quantity          Unit Price               Total Price   


SB11                           40-ampere battery pack           1                      $73.50             $73.50

SW402                        red wire kits                             12                        2.50               30.00

SW400                        white wire kits                          10                        2.00               20.00

SB201                         mounting hardware kit                1                          7.85                 7.85

                                                                                                                    Total Price: $131.35


                                                                                    Yours truly,


Todd Tyrna

Purchasing Agent