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DATE:             September 30, 2002

TO:                  Mr. Yudha Pratama, English Professor

FROM:            Todd Tyrna, Student

SUBJECT:       Progress Report on the Website assignment for Technical Report Writing



The purpose of this website is to put together a series of different letters and documents in an orderly form on the internet.



The following 6 objectives are to be met by October 14, 2002. All six are being worked on at about the same time, and do not require any specific order in which to be met. They will all be completed at the same time:


-Task 1: Create a Splash Page


-Task 2: Create a Website Analysis Memo


-Task 3: Write an Informal Report


-Task 4: Put together an Analytical Resume


-Task 5: Letter Exercises


-Task 6: Write an article about Email Netiquette


The assignments are going along well and as planned, and should be completed and ready to upload around Friday, October 11, just before the weekend.



On August 26, we received an assignment of putting together a website that would show off different documents in technical report writing.


-Task 1: Create a Splash Page - Put together a main page on the website that is easy to navigate.


-Task 2: Create a Website Analysis Memo - Put together a memo that analyses a company website based on persuasiveness.


-Task 3: Write an Informal Report - Put together a progress report that displays the results of the work I've done so far.


-Task 4: Put together an Analytical Resume - Create a resume that is professional and ready to be handed out.


-Task 5: Letter Exercises - Create memos and letters to companies and consumers.


-Task 6: Write an article about Email Netiquette - Put together an article on the uses of email and how to appropriately use it.





-Task 1: Creating a splash page will probably be the last thing that I do. Once I create my other papers and get them uploaded to the site, then I can concentrate on getting a main page up and what it will look like.


-Task 2: Creating a Website Analysis Memo is much easier than I originally thought it would be. I evaluated the Ford website and found there was much information to write about and it is easy to explain.


-Task 3: This informal report is in progress currently, and will be completed about a week or so before the final product is finished.


-Task 4: This Resume was the first thing started, and will probably be the last thing finished. It is something that I've done many times before, but it needs to be updated and tweaked so it has current information and looks professional.


-Task 5: I have almost completed 3 letter exercises. They are all memos and letters that businesses send out to accomplish tasks like orders and adjustment letters.


-Task 6: The Email Netiquette article went very smooth and was one of the first assignments I had completed. I found some good information on the internet that helped me thought the assignment, and now I have a strong paper that gives the benefits and uses of email.



The project is going along at a good pace. If there are no delays in writing the papers and uploading them to the website, the assignment should be completed at the scheduled time.