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Ford Website Analysis Memo


Ford Motor Company's Website is very accessible when the main page is first loaded. Colorful graphics and highlighted text fill the screen to make it appealing and easy to read. By going with this approach, rather than a full-text, bland method, the site attracts more people and will keep them interested. If the site had no flavor to it, many people would find it boring very quickly and may never return to it. This general approach can be very persuasive to potential buyers of a Ford product when they visit the website. The first impression of a site is the layout of it and how it looks, even before words are read and information is obtained by the readers.


Some of the claims of the site that are made up front are a 0% finance offer, cash back, and some other forms of bonus cash and different ways of receiving it. They are highlighted in bold and are obviously made to stand out as an easy read by visitors of the website. These claims are further backed up by links that are readily available to use. When clicking the links, more pages are brought up that further detail the specifications of the offers and promotions that Ford is currently honoring.


Another big type of persuasion that is used is the abundance of pictures and visuals that can be interacted with. A big picture of a Ford vehicle is featured on the front page that shows off a sample of their products. It can even be clicked on, which brings up additional pages that further display information and almost smaller websites in themselves. With this ease of use, literally anyone can navigate the site and find their way around. A news banner is also displayed on the main page, which displays the most recent news and deals the company is offering. This box is can be clicked on as well to display more details.


The methods that Ford uses in promoting their products on a website are good and seem to be effective. Good use of color, content, and promotions keep people occupied. Ford makes very reasonable claims that are backed up by good, strong, fine print if visitors are interested in taking the time to read it. The information seems credible coming from a large corporation, and a lot of the information found at the site can either be explored further by visiting a local Ford location, or catalogues can be ordered and sent directly to the consumer's home. All of this added convenience displays the effort and motivation of the company and how they are willing to make good impressions with websites in order to attract more and more buyers.